Starting My Thirties

2020 has really been a roller-coaster year and we’re only halfway through it! Everybody is affected one way or another, in terms of the way we work, socialize or just go about our daily lives. Same for me.

The first part of the Circuit Breaker period was pretty hectic for me too. Between me and my wife, we had to juggle our two full-time jobs and our one year old toddler. I joked with my colleagues that it’s like expecting two people to work three full-time jobs, and because it was unsustainable, we eventually had to adjust by moving back to my dad’s place for some support. But things have improved since – after pre-schools were reopened and my daughter could go back, I now have a bit more time on my hands as work was no longer as busy as it was the past couple of months.

That led me to coming across Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which I finished within a week, and has got me into somewhat of a rabbit hole. I have always taken pride in the way I manage my own and my family’s finances, invested in the stock market in the past couple of years and tracked using StocksCafe and dabbled in businesses on the side too. I knew I did not know everything yet, but over the years, I have learnt more about money. But the book really opened my eyes to view $$$ (and the world) through a very different lens.

Then there is also The Woke Salaryman, started by a secondary school friend of mine and almost immediately exploded with viewership. I would not be able to draw as well as they do, that’s for sure, but it led me to realise that there are many out there who are thinking the same thoughts and wondering about the same financial decisions that they have to make. I was fortunate to have started with some decent foundations, in numerical literacy and in basic understanding of how some financial instruments work. I was lucky to be deemed good enough for a scholarship to sponsor my overseas education and more importantly, to not have squandered that money away. So when it came to big decisions like my wedding, my first house, and having my first kid, I was prepared for them, at least financially. And maybe it is worth sharing how I got to where I am, and where I eventually plan to go.

So I thought to start a finance blog. First and foremost, it will be to document this journey I am on, and see how near or far I will be from my financial goals. Then I thought hard about whether I would just be riding on the bandwagon or if there is really some value I could bring to this space. But perhaps I should re-frame the thinking a little – so long as what I am about to embark on has value, I think it will be worth the viewers’ time.

I came from a time where secondary school students passed our time blogging. I suppose this is somewhat similar, except that it’s not just random musings about everyday nothings. It will take some getting used to, finding time to sit down and pen my thoughts, structuring it in a readable way for an audience, etc. But I’m already looking forward to the journey ahead.

As a parting thought, I would like to think that I am in this together with my readers (whoever that may be). This will be a learning process, and perhaps at the end of it, I (or shall I say, we) will be able to make better sense of the many financial decisions that are ahead of us.

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