Financial Literacy Circle (Part 2)

I suggest reading my first post on why I’m doing this before going on further. (TLDR version: Financial literacy is important and yet remains a gap in formal education. Young adults may be encountering money management for the first time. I’ve gone through that journey and found it tough to find what works, so I want to share my experience and help you find your footing too.)

I’m grateful for the response I’ve received so far from many interested participants. I also note the feedback that many have given me on how to make this more accessible. I’ve also begun to realise the emphasis of ‘personal’ in personal finance. Hence, I’ve decided to run the sessions virtually and will share more details about physical meet-ups during the session itself. Places are intentionally limited because I don’t want it to be such a huge group but that said, I still have a few more slots available. So come join me to learn more about financial literacy in general and in the Singapore context. Examples of topics to be covered are as follows:

  • Financial goals planning
  • Budgeting for everyday expenses and large ticket items
  • Net worth tracking and benchmarking
  • Risk management
  • Conventional investment instruments and basic portfolio construction

… and many more!

Details of monthly sessions for FLC 2023:

Time and Date: Last Friday of the month, 8pm-10pm (31/03, 28/04, 26/05, 23/06, 28/07)
Mode of conduct: Zoom
Cost: $250
Student rate: $200 (with valid proof of student card)

What does this include?

  • Access to monthly sharing sessions
  • Softcopy materials and video recording of each session
  • Whatsapp support group
  • Automatic subscription to premium blog content
  • (Optional) 1-to-1 discussion sessions

Complete this registration form by 24 March (1 week before the first session) to sign up.


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