Looking at Rental Yields

Previously I wrote about the concept of a minimum viable rental yield of 4.56%. So I was curious to dig further down the rabbit hole to find if there are really any such projects that are able to give such yields, or if there are any datasets that allow me to get such an answer. … Continue reading Looking at Rental Yields


Minimum Viable Rental Yield

It’s been a while since I last did a mathematically-heavy post. Recently, we just met with a mortgage consultant and was advised on our maximum loan amount for our IPA. It got us scouring PropertyGuru for listings within/close to our budget and we were particularly interested in units that had existing tenants at least till … Continue reading Minimum Viable Rental Yield

Endowment Bias is Real

One of the early chapters of CFA Level III is on Behavioural Finance, in which a number of biases that affect investors and investment decision-making are covered. Some of these biases seem quite similar to each other and may even be known by different terms to different people, but here's a quick summary that I … Continue reading Endowment Bias is Real

Changing Our Redemption Flight

I wrote about redeeming our SQ business class return flights to the UK some time last year. But it turned out that my sister's graduation had changed to be in early September instead and we had to go through a frustrating and nerve-wrecking process of getting our redemption flights changed as a result. Even though … Continue reading Changing Our Redemption Flight

Passing CFA Level III

I cannot say enough how nerve-wrecking it was to check my emails over the past couple of days, wondering when the dreaded email of my CFA level III results would arrive. And then it eventually did earlier this evening, and a whole wave of relief just swept past me after I found out that I … Continue reading Passing CFA Level III

Thinking About Running A Business…

Ever since I was in my 20s, I've always harboured the thought of acting on an idea that can sell and making a business out of it. However, my background in Mathematics (both at undergraduate and at Masters level) and subsequently in education did not really help that cause. It has made me become analytical … Continue reading Thinking About Running A Business…

Money Value of Time

We often hear about the “Time Value of Money” as the concept that money today is worth more than money tomorrow because of the potential earnings we might get or opportunity cost we might forego during that period. It is less often that we hear “Money Value of Time” and which I feel is a … Continue reading Money Value of Time

Financial Literacy Circle (Part 2)

I suggest reading my first post on why I'm doing this before going on further. (TLDR version: Financial literacy is important and yet remains a gap in formal education. Young adults may be encountering money management for the first time. I've gone through that journey and found it tough to find what works, so I … Continue reading Financial Literacy Circle (Part 2)

Being Cheap vs. Being Frugal

Many people confuse between being cheap and being frugal. So what’s the difference between the two? I’ll borrow a simple table from another article. Taken from Differencebetween.net In summary, being cheap means using price as the only metric for determining whether a particular product or service is worth spending on. The problem comes from the … Continue reading Being Cheap vs. Being Frugal

Financial Literacy Circle 2023

Of late, A number of ex-students in their early 20s who have just graduated from formal schooling know of my interest in personal finance and have approached me for advice on financial products. Most of the questions I get are along the lines of "I have $XXX currently and not sure what to do with … Continue reading Financial Literacy Circle 2023