A busy start to 2023

I'd normally write more than once a month but this has been a really hectic month for me. So I've decided my fingers are a bit itchy and maybe I should just log down what I've been up to as I take a quick break.With the CFA Level III exams coming up in less than … Continue reading A busy start to 2023

2022 Year in Review and Looking Ahead to 2023

This time last year, I had a 2021 Year in Review and also a Round of Up 2021. I think it's worthwhile to continue this practice as I account for my progress with my readers. So let's get started.Some notable highlights of 2022 are: Learning more about NFTs by being involved in STEPN Passing the … Continue reading 2022 Year in Review and Looking Ahead to 2023

Human Capital

CFA III covers topics on private wealth management, with a chapter focusing on private clients (individual clients as opposed to institutional clients). One of the chapters I enjoyed learning about is on human capital vis-a-vis financial capital, of which the latter is what most people are more familiar with. That leads one to think about … Continue reading Human Capital

Reflections of a Mid-Career Switcher

Friends would have known that I’ve left the public service after seven years and am currently working in the private sector for about two months now. But I’ve yet to update my LinkedIn profile to my latest role, partly because of imposter syndrome and not knowing whether I’m useful enough to my boss and my … Continue reading Reflections of a Mid-Career Switcher

Our Own Park-and-Ride Scheme in Singapore

When I used to study in the UK many years ago, park-and-ride schemes were a common transportation feature in many towns and cities. The concept is quite simple - You take public transport, either bus or train, from your town centre to the city but the last-mile transportation from the town centre to your home … Continue reading Our Own Park-and-Ride Scheme in Singapore

Debunking the Expensive CBD Food Myth

It's been a month since I started my new job right smack in CBD, and I've had a couple of friends who have warned me about the expensive food prices during lunchtime. There are many options at every junction, but a quick scan does show that many food places have priced marked higher than the … Continue reading Debunking the Expensive CBD Food Myth

Learning About The Commodities Market

It's been one week at my new job as a mid-career switch and it feels like I'm a fresh graduate out of university with so much to learn. Thankfully, not on a fresh graduate pay.It's my first foray into learning the ins and outs of the commodities market, starting with cotton. It helped that I've … Continue reading Learning About The Commodities Market

Geographical Arbitrage for Singaporeans

I previously wrote about my tenant who moved back to Johor the moment the Causeway reopened because it was the smart financial thing to do, even if he has to brave the daily morning and evening traffic. According to this article, he is one of 350,000 such daily commuters. The theory is simple - earn … Continue reading Geographical Arbitrage for Singaporeans

Investor’s Oath

I'm currently listening to A Maniac Commodity Trader's Guide to Making a Fortune by Kevin Kerr to learn more about the commodities market, in part because of my very recent mid-career switch (a post for another time!) in a trajectory that brings me a step closer to the world of finance. Near the beginning of … Continue reading Investor’s Oath

Hiring our Employee Number 1

No, I haven't come up with a brilliant idea for a startup and enough cash flow coming in yet. But the concept is still pretty similar as I'm bringing external help to outsource domestic work so that our family can focus our efforts on other things in life.It's been two months since we hired our … Continue reading Hiring our Employee Number 1