Geographical Arbitrage Is Back and Bigger Than Ever

I haven't written about this for a while, but ever since COVID-19 struck and the Causeway was closed, I have been renting out one room from my current HDB BTO for some side income. There was an opportunity not to be missed as daily commuters from Johor had no choice but to stay in Singapore … Continue reading Geographical Arbitrage Is Back and Bigger Than Ever

Doubling (or Tripling) Down with STEPN

If this is the first time you are hearing of STEPN, then I recommend reading my first post at the beginning of March where I share more about the earn-as-you-run concept with this crypto project. I will assume baseline knowledge of how the whole game works for the rest of this post.With the introduction out … Continue reading Doubling (or Tripling) Down with STEPN

Hassle of Card – But Why I’ll Still Be Using It

I wrote about receiving my card earlier in the year and promised to share more about it. Let's just start by saying that it is really quite a bit of a hassle compared to a typical debit card, particular for the Singaporean user. Here are some reasons why: First, there is a maximum holding … Continue reading Hassle of Card – But Why I’ll Still Be Using It

How To Get Free Car Inspection Annually

I'm guessing the title must have piqued your interest, especially if you are a car owner. I too was a car owner since last year and the time has come for car inspections.The inspiration for this post came from our morning trip to VICOM Inspection Centre Bukit Batok as it was the closest one to … Continue reading How To Get Free Car Inspection Annually

Tracking Dividends

I've been engaging more people on personal finance using certain posts on this blog and it's interesting to learn about the various investment vehicles that everybody is using, from annuities, to stocks and bonds, and even crypto. I've even had students asking me about my views too when I barely knew about investing until I … Continue reading Tracking Dividends

Monetizing The Car

There are many ways to monetize a car, if you own one. The most familiar methods are by doing car-sharing/hitching (which has been hampered somewhat cause of COVID) and doing deliveries. Those owning luxury cars also consider letting them out to couples for their wedding car. However, these still entail trade between one's time/car usage … Continue reading Monetizing The Car

Bye Bye Hodlnaut Hack

I previously wrote about the Hodlnaut Hack, in which Hodlnaut was rewarding referrals with 10% commission. For some context, I suggest you read that post first.As much as it sounded too good to be true, it wasn't. I was a beneficiary of this scheme as I managed to rope in a few referrals and received … Continue reading Bye Bye Hodlnaut Hack

Earn As You Run

I was recently introduced to a crypto project called STEPN by my friend. STEPN claims itself as a Web 3 lifestyle app with social-fi and game-fi elements, with the goal of allowing its players to earn as we run. Are you ready for Web3? The concept is simple enough: Buy an NFT sneaker. Go for … Continue reading Earn As You Run

Car Repairs

One would be forgiven for thinking that with the exorbitant cost of car ownership, life would get more bearable. There is some truth in the convenience that a car brings, up until it breaks down and plans get thrown out the window. And there‚Äôs a whole host of reasons for a car to break down.Over … Continue reading Car Repairs

Putting the CFA Level III on hold and going on Datacamp

The soft deadline on 9 Feb 2022 for early bird registration came and pass. And for now, I've decided to put the commitment to taking the final level of CFA on hold. That doesn't mean I'll be resting on my laurels anytime soon. Instead, I'll be concentrating my efforts on picking up for relevant data … Continue reading Putting the CFA Level III on hold and going on Datacamp